World Book Day Fashion Show

Posted March 3rd, 2016 by Miss Pike


13 Responses to “World Book Day Fashion Show”

  1. Sam.F is the best

    Sadly I missed out on the world book day party :(

  2. emily.o

    all of the costumes on this are awsome :)

  3. charley

    i love all the costumes they are all really amazing :)

  4. Rebekah

    I cant believe that Sean did the splits!!!!!!

  5. Hannah

    I loved all the unique costumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Za Za

    I love everyones costume. I don’t like my Snow White one though. When I did my cat walk I was scared, nervous, about to laugh and shaky. :(

  7. Za Za

    How can Sean jump up in the air and land on the floor in splits? I can’t do that! How can he do it???????????? :??????

  8. Za Za

    I did a mistake on it :( :?

  9. rehma


  10. Rebekah

    How did he jump into the splits!! I was amazing!!

  11. rehma

    love it baby

  12. Megs18

    That day was so fun !!! :)

  13. Megs 18

    I think everyones costume was great!

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