Bronze Party Fun!

Posted May 12th, 2016 by Miss Pike


7 Responses to “Bronze Party Fun!”

  1. Sam.F is the best

    OUR BRONZE PARTY WAS EPIC :) :) :) :O YES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a bronze party like this. Sam.F is the best Peace out

  2. KM1974

    The Party was amazing especially soaking Mrs Tickle

  3. za_za_za_05

    WOW I can’t wait for our silver party!!! :()

  4. rb123

    I cant wait for our silver party =-}

  5. mollie b

    It was a really good bronze party by having a water fight and wetting Mrs Tickle.

  6. Rebekah bows

    I loved the Bronze Party!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait for our silver party!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dj5028

    I splashed someone with a water balloon on Niamh’s legs and I shot a water gun on Nicks backside!

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