Andy Warhol inspired work…

Posted July 12th, 2016 by Miss Pike


As part of our North America topic, we studied the life and works of pop artist, Andy Warhol. He’s an incredibly interesting character. We discovered that his work reflected popular culture in America during the 1960s. Interestingly, his art was mass-produced and he had a particular taste for Campbell’s soup. Did you know that he dyed his hair grey when he was a young man to mask his real age? (This made us chuckle too.) Our final pieces have star quality. We’ve selected celebrities that are popular today and have developed our drawing skills through the use of a sketch book. Here you can see a selection of our finished work. Can you recognise any of the celebrities we have chosen?

8 Responses to “Andy Warhol inspired work…”

  1. mollie b

    I liked doing our Andy Warhol art

  2. mollie b

    I liked doing our Andy Warhol art .

  3. nick

    I can see mine.

  4. mini tdm

    I love doing art!

  5. Hannah

    I loved making these using different material!!!

  6. Rebekah bows

    Doing the Pop Art was really fun!!! They all look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Megs 18

    Our art topic Andy Warhol was so fun!

  8. Tyler

    Doing art is EPIC!!!!!!

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